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Gear Cutting,

Mitsubishi GD20 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine 10.5 Max Dia. 4 to 99 DP (Capable of AGMA 11)

Overton FD-800 Gear Hobbing Machine 31.5 Max Dia. 3 DP Max. 18 Travel.

Barber Colman No. 16-36 Horizontal Gear Hobbing Machine 16 Max Dia. 36 Max Length.  

Barber Colman No. 16-16 Multicycle Horizontal Gear Hobbing Machine 16 Max Dia. 16 Max Length.

2 Barber Colman No. 6-16 Multicycle Horizontal Gear Hobbing Machines 6 Max Dia. 16 Max Length.

3 Barber Colman #3 Horizontal Gear Hobbing Machines 6 Max Dia. 10 Max Length.

Barber Colman / Sykes Gear Shaping Machine 10 Max Dia. 4 Max Face.  

Fellows 10 - 4  CNC Precision Gear Shaping Machine 10" Max Dia. 4" Max Face, Programmable Tail Stock Center Support.

Fellows 10 - 2  CNC Precision Gear Shaping Machine 10" Max Dia. 2 1/2" Max Face.

Fellows 36 Gear Shaping Machine 36" Max Dia. 6" Max Face.

3 Fellows / Herbert 7A Gear Shaping Machines 10 Max Dia. 2 Max Face.

3 Fellows 7A Gear Shaping Machine 7 Max Dia 2 Max Face.  

Gleason 3" Straight Bevel Gear Generator

National Broach Gear Shaving Machine 8 Max Dia.  

National Broach Gear Shaving Machine 24 Max Dia.  

Lees-Bradner Thread Mill 6 Max Dia. 36 Max Length.



Mazak Dual Turn 20 CNC Lathe with GL100F Robot Loader.

Mazak QT20 HP CNC Lathe 10.6 Max Dia. 19.7 Max Length.

King 36 Vertical Turret Lathe.

Palamco Mod. TUG-40 Gap Bed Engine Lathe 17 Dia. X 60 Length.

Clausing Colchester Engine Lathe 13 Dia. X 30 Length.

2 Elgin Table Mounted Second Operation Lathes.


Milling & Drilling,

Mazak V414-32 CNC Machining Center (Travels 32 X, 16 Y, 18 Z) Equipped With HAAS HRT 210 Rotary Table and Renishaw Probe.  

HAAS VF-4D CNC Machining Center (Travels 50 X, 20 Y, 25 Z) Equipped With Haas HA5C-2 Twin Spindle Rotary Table and Renishaw Probe.

Cleveland 4 Hp Milling Machine With DRO. (Bridgeport Type)

Jarocin Type FWD 32U Universal Horizontal Milling Machine.

Moore Precision Jig Bore.

Clausing Model 2220 Drill Press With Air Feed.

Clausing Series 16ST Drill Press.

2 Misc. Drill Press.


Broaching & Honing,

LaPoint Horizontal Broaching Machine 48 Stroke (Keyways & Splines)  

Colonial Horizontal Broaching Machine 90 Stroke (Large Keyways & Splines)  

Sunnen Model ML 3500 

Sunnen Model MBC-1801 Precision Honing Machine With Power Stroking Attachment.  

Sunnen Model MBB-1660 Precision Honing Machine. 


Grinding & Miscellaneous,  

1 Fellows / Reishauer Gear Grinder 12" Max Dia 6DP. and Finer. 

ChamferMatic Gear Deburring Machine.

Norton Cylindrical Grinder 4 Dia x 12 Length.  

Barber Colman 6-5 Automatic Hob Sharpener.

Barber Colman 10-12 Automatic Hob Sharpener.

Star #2 VHS Vertical Hob Sharpener.

K.O. Lee Tool Cutter Grinder.

Harig Super 612 Surface Grinder.

Cawi-Spiral Drill Point Grinder.

Misc. Pedestal Grinders.

HYD-MECH 14A Production Horizontal Band Saw.

Ultramatic Vibratory Deburring Machine with Shaker Table.

Trinco 36/BP2 Dry Blasting Cabinet.

Linde Model B1-252, 250 Amp Mig Welding Machine.

Denison Bench Type Hydraulic Multipress.

Kleer Flo Power Master Automatic Part Degreasing Tank.



Illinois Tool Works Helical Lead Measuring Machine with ITW Helical Lead Gage.  

Illinois Tool Works Hob and Worm Lead Measuring Machine

Illinois Tool Works Involute Checking Machine.

2 Fellows 8M Gear Composite Checking Machine. (Red Liner)

Fellows 8M Microdex Tooth Space Checking Machine.  

2 Vari-Roll D-2 Ultra Precision Composite Gear Testers with Vari PC Computerized Charting.

Parkson Worm and Worm Gear Tester.

Klingelnberg PWB-300 Hob Inspection Instrument.

Wilson Model 3YR Hardness Tester.

Sunnen Bore Gages with Setting Fixtures. (Range .37 to 6)

Various 0-24 Range Micrometers, 5 Surface Plates, 3 Sets (81 Pcs ea.) of Jo Blocks, Height gages. 

3 Barber Colman Bench Centers, Constantly Expanding Amount of Plug Gages, Ring Gages, Thread Gages, Master Gears and Gear Wires.

Our equipment is exceptionally well maintained and we are constantly adding new equipment to meet the current and future needs of our customers.  


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